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Sculpture (MA)

Adriana Wynne

Adriana Wynne (b.1997). French/Italian, American-born artist, currently living and working in London.

MA Sculpture, Royal College of Art 2023

BFA Parsons School of Design (2016 - 2020)


2023 Gilbert Bayes Award, London

2020 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award Nominee, New York City, NY

National Society of Leadership and Success /Endorsed: 2017,  New York City, NY


2019 Emerging Artist Interview with TWELV Magazine Published on June 3rd

2023 God Save The Scene, London-Based newsletter, Artist feature

London Selected Solo & Group Exhibitions:

2023 'Sound & Vision', Group exhibition, The Bomb Factory, London

2023 MA1 Sculpture RCA 2023 Show, Royal College of Art, London

2023 “THRESHOLDS OF FLESH” Solo Exhibition, Lux Feminae x Shipton Street Gallery London

2023 'Intersections: The Dynamics of Art, Space, and Perception', Black and White Gallery, London

2023 Body as Home, Duo Exhibition, Somers Gallery, London   

2023 Everything is Temporary, RCA Work in Progress Group Show, London       

Portrait of artist in RCA studio.

I strive to delve into the transitional spaces that exist between the external and internal realms of my body. In doing so, I seek to establish connections between the familiar and unfamiliar, the known and the unknown, and the human and nonhuman aspects of existence. My aim is to surpass the boundaries and limitations imposed by societal beliefs regarding what constitutes a body as a means of confronting or embracing my own feelings of alienation or detachment from physicality. I am particularly intrigued by exploring the internal bodily sensations that serve as emotional reactions or responses, such as the knotting or tickling of the insides. Furthermore, I am captivated by the delicate nature of flesh, perceiving my body as simultaneously tangible and intangible, with definite form and yet evading form. When contemplating my body from an internal perspective, I conjure up images of enigmatic entities, abandoning conventional anatomical ideologies and instead reimagining the inner depths based solely on personal experiences and emotions. I try to replicate bodily sensations visually; by doing so, I am creating an abstract representation of the body as a foreign entity, one that is separate from our conventional understanding of it as a biological machine. Investing my relationship with the body, particularly the ways in which the body can be divided, medicalized, sexualized, and emotionally separated through representation.

My artistic process is deeply connected to my own experiences of bodily sensations and emotions, particularly those that are uncomfortable. By breaking the body down into individual parts and reassembling them, I am exploring the idea of the body as something that is both whole and fragmented, both physical and emotional. I use materiality as an index to the body, assigning and connecting a type of material to a specific part of the body and using them almost exclusively. By using visual language that reflects the layered and multifaceted nature of the body, I challenge viewers to think more deeply about their own relationships to their physical selves.

Installation: consisting of Oil on Canvas, Bronze Glass, Metal, Motor, Wax, Silicon, Plastic/ Rubber Tubing, and Latex
Installation close up; lass and main that consists of four layers
Centrepiece sculpture consisting of four layers, placed on the ground.
close up; Centrepiece sculpture consisting of four layers, placed on the ground.
close up; different angle/ Centrepiece sculpture consisting of four layers, placed on the ground.
Pink Pulses, 2023


Metal, Motor, Wax, Silicon, Plastic Tubing, and Latex


105 x 46 x 60 cm
floor piece consisting of 11 bronze parts and one rubber tube connecting the floor piece to the installation
close up photo of 5 bronze tubes, one of the tubes have a rubber tubing coming out of one end
close up photo of a organ shaped vessel with four teeth like small bronze parts placed to be spilling out of one end


Bronze, Silicon, Rubber Tube


160 x 140 x 6 cm
three medical trays used a pedestals for pick blown glass
close up of spine of a glass pink blown piece
another angle photo pf the glass on stand
glass close up shot infant of painting


Glass, Silicon, and Medical Tray/Stand


50 x 35 x 120 cm/ 50 x 35 x 85 cm/ 50 x 35 x 80 cm (3 pieces)
painting of what the inside of the body might look like in tones of pink
close up shot of the same painting
Pink Flushes of Fleshy Blushes, 2023, Oil on Canvas, 150 x 203 cm

A Tapestry of Pink:

Powdery pink dreams, whispered in the night,

Painted on horizons, ethereal and light,

Passionate whispers, secrets taking flight,

A pink aurora, illuminating with might.

Princesses and pretties, pink gowns and pearls,

Pigtails and pouts, petite little girls,

Pink ribbons and bows, unfurling twirls,

Perfumed memories, pink blossoms in the air,

Promises of youth, a world beyond compare,

Pink laughter echoing, innocence to share,

A tender pink bloom, a moment's affair.

Perception shifting, pink blending with the real,

Parallel worlds, both tangible and ideal,

A body, a vessel, flesh's tender seal,

Pink hues transcending, beyond what we feel.

Pulsating rhythms, immaterial and unseen,

Pink energy coursing through veins pristine,

Perception bending, boundaries in between,

The physical and ethereal, a realm unforeseen.

another painting dealing with what the inside of the body might look like, with pink and orange vessels
Honey In The Flesh, 2023, Oil on Canvas 149 x 243 cm
Installation Shot; painting and metal flats sculpture hung on wall by chain
'Honey In The Flesh', 2023, Oil on Canvas & 'Hooked on', 2022, Metal & Chain, 102 x 40 cm Installation Shot, Duo Exhibition, "Body as Home" Somers Gallery, London


Oil on Canvas


150 x 203 cm
Sculpture that has three parts with metal rod going through ait
close up image of same sculpture


Metal,Silicon, Wax, & Latex


76 x 51 x 35 cm
small wall mounted sculpture of a metal container with a latex skin and a rubber tube coming out of its bottom
Contained Container ,2022 (Video)


Metal, Latex, Motor, & Tubing


37x 9 x 92 cm
Abstract figure of a bod laying on a metal structure, with metal legs pushing up against the latex skin
Close up image of the Abstract figure of a bod laying on a metal structure


Steel, Latex, Wax, & Wire


105 x 39 x 60 cm
intersection of two paintings behind a bronze vessel sculpture displayed on a pedestal
intersection of two paintings behind a bronze vessel sculpture displayed on a pedestal
three wall based sculptures of abstracted female bodies
Wide perspective of two large pink paintings intersecting at corner and meeting with bronze sculpture