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Ceramics & Glass (MA)

Abi Freckleton

Abi Freckleton lives & works in Hertfordshire and London. She studied BA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art, has held residencies at the University of Hertfordshire and Eastcheap Projects and is currently a fellow at Digswell Arts Trust. Her work has been shown in galleries across the UK, including Kingsgate Project Space, Turf Projects, Broadway Gallery, MK Gallery, The NewBridge Project and Exeter Phoenix Gallery. Her solo show curated by Kristian Day launches at Q&C Gallery in Cambridge on 9th June, running until 14th July 2023.

Degree Details

School of Arts & HumanitiesCeramics & Glass (MA)RCA2023 at Truman Brewery

Truman Brewery, F Block, Ground, first and second floors

3 works mounted on a white wall - ceramic fragments with globules of glaze

My works are made of fragments. Fragments of matter, of stuff, of objects, of images, of encounters. Fragments of moments. By gathering material, splitting it apart and putting it back together (or letting it put itself back together), I am trying to create a kind of temporal monument. A monument to a time - an event in time, but also a monument to time itself.

I use processes of chemical transformation and physical breakdown to reveal hidden properties inside my found and foraged materials. The remnant surfaces, shards, fluids and powders are then aggregated and allowed to flux, flow and fix in the kiln. The sculptures that emerge sit somewhere between human-made and natural accident - not-quite objects, but no longer raw matter. Like all things they are coagulations in progress, always already about to be made again.

pale pink chunks and porcelain footprints with green tinge fused with white gloops
porcelain welly prints, puddle mud in porcelain, puddle mud in stoneware, glaze, photograph of forest undergrowth
fragments of dark brown ceramic and porcelain tile shards with photograph of sky, blue fragments and white speckled glaze globs
porcelain tiles with photograph of forest sky and wood ash glaze, puddle mud, glaze coated with high fired puddle mud, stained parian
narrow curve of white ceramic chards and globules of glaze with melted black photograph
photograph of ripples on wet sand, porcelain palm prints with found clay inclusion, porcelain fossilised t-shirt with salt-evaporation surface, sand coated glaze
lump of fused ceramic & glaze fragments - black, blue, pink and white
terracotta fossillised and raku glazed pillowcase, glaze, photograph of sunrise on porcelain, window glass
five works installed on wall with 2 on the floor in front
Launch Project
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blue, yellow and dark brown lumps with pale white formed into a cylindrical shape
LIKE THE PUDDLE GROWS / stained parian, porcelain, puddle mud, glaze, stains, digital photograph
fragments of dark brown, pale pinky brown and white speckled porcelain, bright yellow glaze droplets coated in dark powder
fragments of dark brown, pale pinky brown and white speckled porcelain, bright yellow glaze droplets coated in dark powder
BRIGHTLY FEEDS / puddle mud, glaze, terracotta, stoneware, porcelain
long shards of porcelain with blue and black photograph fused with pale turquoise fragments and small blue droplets of glaze
STILL MOVING FAST / photographs of sky on porcelain fragments, glaze, salt-evaporation self-glazed ceramic, copper oxide, puddle mud
pale pink, blue and brown ceramic fragments form a thin dispersed rectangular form fused with pale pink glaze globules
pale pink, blue and brown ceramic fragments form a thin dispersed rectangular form fused with pale pink glaze globules
THE GLOW IS FADING / stained parian with stoneware fragments, glaze
turquoise, yellow and black ceramic fragments fused with white glaze globules
SLOW MOTION DOWNPOUR / 'sun yellow' stain, fragments of ceramic with salt-evaporation self glazed surface, copper oxide, terracotta, window glass.
green brown and white glazed ceramic fragments fused with white glaze
a pile of ceramic fragments (grey green, brown and white) fused into a tall column shape with globules of white and yellow glaze
A MILLION DAUGHTERS / wood ash glaze on puddle mud stoneware, pine ash glaze on porcelain and terracotta, egyptian paste with copper oxide, glaze, 'sun yellow' stain
pale pink porcelain shards with black and blue embedded fragments, fused with bright blue glaze drips
LAST RAYS HANG TIGHT / stained porcelain with stoneware fragments, glaze, melted steel wire, digital photograph on porcelain

Echos from a muddy puddle

selected sections from my dissertation

TO BE MADE AGAINencounters with time and nature experienced through seeing, making and motherhood
LIKE THE PUDDLE GROWSa manifesto for making
AN INDEX OF REFLECTIONS ON THE INDEXexpanding the logic of the Index from the photographic to the material
Echos from a muddy puddleon the intertwined potential of material led making

Frank Bowling Scholarship