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Jewellery & Metal (MA)

Yunfei Mo

Yunfei Mo is a jewelry maker and designer from China, currently based in London. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree from China University of Geo-sciences (Beijing) and is currently pursuing MA studies at the Royal College of Art in the United Kingdom.

Her primary research focus lies in China's traditional culture and traditional jewelry craftsmanship. Influenced by her family's industrial design background, she is passionate about using geometric or linear patterns to capture the intricate forms found in nature. Additionally, she combines these patterns with traditional motifs and craftsmanship, exploring the redesign of traditional jewelry through modern design techniques.

Brand page - Feather series logo and product wearing picture

When I first set foot in London, I was captivated by the striking clash of cultures that greeted me. The rich tapestry of traditions here diverged entirely from my own, compelling me to share my personal perspective on the essence of London. Pigeon feathers, as my chosen medium, are a strong representation of British culture. To further weave together influences from my Chinese heritage, I skillfully employed traditional kingfisher craft, combining pigeon feathers with metals.

At the same time, I couldn't help but notice the gradual fusion of Western and Eastern cultures. It is a harmonious blending born from the cross-pollination of ideas and information. For instance, in China, an increasing number of brides now embrace Western-style wedding dresses while embracing their heritage through traditional Chinese wedding jewelry. Yet, this fusion often falls short of a fluid integration, resulting in a somewhat rigid outcome. Therefore, my aspiration is to forge a true fusion of Western and Eastern cultures, crafting a captivating collection of Chinese wedding jewelry against the backdrop of London's iconic landmarks.

A picture of a model wearing a hair pin and earrings

Five Gold

Chinese wedding gold is mainly divided into two parts, three gold or five gold and wedding nine treasures.

Three gold refers to the necklace, earrings and bracelet, after the anklet and ring are called five gold. Most of the traditional three gold has the meaning of the bride, earring refers to protect the bride's ears, do not listen to slanders, to avoid husband and wife quarrel; The ring shows that the bride is subordinate to the man; Bracelets and anklets are similar in meaning to bind the bride to prevent her from leaving home.

In order to break this constraint on women, I modified the traditional hardware into brooches, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and hairpins according to the habits of modern women's jewelry wear, which are relatively simpler and less cumbersome to wear. In addition to meeting the solemn and elegant wearing needs of the wedding, it can also be separated and worn separately to ensure the daily comfort of daily wear.

Photo of a silver brooch inspired by feathers
Photo of silver earrings inspired by feathers
Feather inspired silver hairpin
Feather inspired silver bracelet
Model wearing a bracelet and brooch picture
A picture of a model wearing a hair pin and earrings
Feather inspired silver necklace
Necklace wearing picture

Nine Treasure

Wedding nine treasures is a set of pure gold jewelry used for getting married in ancient times,  represents the blessing of the couple's marriage, but also puts forward demands on women in a disguised way. 

Therefore, I combine the form of nine treasures with the landmark buildings of London, and try to combine my personal Chinese traditional cultural background with the British environment where I am now, so as to achieve the collision and combination of two different cultures.

A set of nine kingfisher craft pendants made of silver and pigeon feathers
Hair pin with pendant wearing diagram
Necklace and pendant wearing picture
The way of wearing nine treasures pendant.Nine interchangeable pendants can be freely combined on necklaces, brooches, hairpins, earrings and bracelets.
Details of the nine treasures

Brand Story

ME. Is a new Chinese wedding jewelry brand, aiming to redesign traditional Chinese wedding jewelry according to modern women's aesthetic and needs for jewelry wearing while retaining the essence of traditional culture with more modern design techniques.

【羽 | FEATHER】It's a line of the brand. Boldly tried to interpret British culture from the perspective of Chinese culture, jumped out of the frame of traditional Chinese jewelry, and tried to combine different cultures. While realizing the innovation of female wedding jewelry, Chinese culture was promoted to regions with different cultural backgrounds, so that more people could understand Chinese culture.

Brand material postcard
I hope to package my jewelry works in a brand way, so as to elaborate the culture contained in my products from multiple perspectives and achieve more systematic cultural output.
Product brochure


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