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Digital Direction (MA)

Yuan(Dodo) Cao 曹源

Yuan(Dodo) Cao, born in China, based in London.

Works in 3D modelling, animation, experimental storytelling, graphic design, photography, and AR...

Topics of interest are social issues, medicine, the future world, AI, philosophy, psychology…

Yuan(Dodo) values the multi-dimensional link between people and things, and conveys ideas in speculative ways.

As a digital artist, she enjoys interdisciplinary experiments and storytelling through flexible perspectives. Enjoys collaborating with different artists.

Designed for filter bubbles visual.


(2022-2023) Videos, Photography, Physical artefacts created with Mycelium

Information in the big data era is transparent and the ways of collecting information are extensive and fast. Our online behaviours influence what we see and the sequence it appears in the digital world. Under filter bubbles, we see reality in changing and distorting ways, even losing ourselves in information architecture. In the future, will the world become overly transparent? How do we rebuild filter bubbles so that they are more synergetic with society and users?

The project uses mycelium as a metaphor for communication in the digital world, expressing the developing filter bubbles abstractly. Between collection and conveyance, a fictional world of filter bubbles is created, imagining how it operates and changes. It aims to raise awareness of filter bubbles, encourage people to reflect on transparency, and rethink different ways of collaborating.

Screenshot_ Electronic devices
Hope to achieve and why: From research, the user's 'right to self-selection' of information is largely given to algorithms. Yuan(Dodo) sees it as an essential, urgent but easily overlooked issue.
Screenshot_ Entertainment
We may not be able to stay away from these developments completely, but we should have options. The story would like to encourage audiences to be more inclusive to feel the diversity of information.
Screenshot_ Entertainment and Preferences
Screenshot_Information fragments


(2022-2023) Moving image.

A moving image to express the dialogue between mycelium and filter bubbles and Yuan(Dodo), trying a different storytelling perspective. The visuals are inspired by the sensation of working with mycelium, experiments records and biological image analysis.

Dialogue_screenshot mycelium
Flowing cells and mycelium-like structures.
growing mycelium