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Animation (MA)

Yinuo Zhu

Yinuo Zhu was born in China in 1997. Before studying at the Royal College of Art, Yinuo graduated from York University in Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Economics, October 2020. Because of her love for animation, she spent a year after graduation learning about animation and then she continued her postgraduate studies at the Royal College of Art.


Yinuo has had a great passion for 2D animation since she was a child, which is the reason why she chose to change her major after her undergraduate degree. She likes to observe people and things around herself, which is also the inspiration for her works. Rather than grand narratives, she wants to draw and tell something that ordinary people are going through.


The theme of my project is about East Asian family issue and the story is about the main character escapes from different rooms. My film is inspired by the puzzle games that I played. I first chose this theme because of some of my personal childhood experiences that had a big impact on me, therefore, I felt it was a good opportunity to use it as a theme for my final project. Although the theme is about East Asian families, my work is not just for young people who born and living in East Asia countries, it is something that I hope will resonate with all people who had experienced some family issues.

Although it is a kind of serious topic, I personally want my work to be less conceptual and more informative. Then I thought of a hobby of mine, game, which is more like a spiritual utopia for me and has helped me a lot, so I decided to express the theme in a gaming way. But I didn't make a real game, I just use the game as a basis for my animation.

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