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Print (MA)

Zhou Xuanting

Zhou Xuanting (b. 2000, Beijing, China) is an artist and printmaker. His works always explore the realms of nature and fiction, brought to life through the process of making/crafting.

He studied Painting at Renmin University of China and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art in 2022, currently pursuing his Master's degree at the Royal College of Art.

Degree Details

School of Arts & HumanitiesPrint (MA)RCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Battersea, Dyson Building, First floor

fiction, 2D and 3D

My recent work consists of a series of fictional figures and narratives, which are predominantly etchings and clay/ceramics. I intend to create open narratives without too much detail and specific plots. Within these fictional figures and narratives, I aim to maintain a vague yet tangible sense, where each object or figure is recognisable and has the potential to represent any individual within its kind. Throughout this process, I explore the transformation and interplay between two-dimensional prints and three-dimensional objects.

The process of making or crafting is a crucial part of my artistic practice, it imbues the work with a tactile sensation. From models to prints, and from prints back to models, my works take shape through this repetitive process. The models are characters or objects, forming the ambiguous narratives while the prints are frozen moments from specific perspectives, hinting at possibilities. Between these are a limitless range of narratives.

"I always imagine these works being spread around in my room... on the table, shelves, and windowsill... "

- A Collection of Fictions

A multi-plate copper etching of an imaginary island, vaguely.
A Distant IslandAquatint, 7.8x10.8cm, 2023
A multi-plate copper etching of an imaginary island, detailed
A Distant Island, CloserEtching and aquatint, 33x49.8cm, 2023
big trees
Big treesAquatint, copperplate monotype, 50x70cm, 2023
book cover
"A distant island and other stories"Copperplate monotype, 25x33cm, 2023
A mapCopperplate monotype, 25x33cm, 2023
A Distant Island, PetrifiedMezzotint, 7.8x10.8cm, 2023
Terracotta air drying clay and white earthenware, size variable, 2023
Untitled BookEmbossing, 10x14.8cm, 8 pages, 2023
ritual site of fish
A Ritual Site of FishEtching and aquatint, 15.8x19.8cm, 2022
black and white mezzotint print
Into the SeaMezzotint, 15.8x19.5cm, 2022
aquatint print
Petrified ImaginationEmbossing and Aquatint, 12.2x15.8cm, 2023
ceramic fish
Fish MasksWhite earthenware, 2023
ceramic fish