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Photography (MA)

Xuan Feng

My name is Xuan (b. 1997). I am the medium, I make photographs through those experiences that pass through me. In a sense, my photographs are echoes of my experience of reality. I think about pictorial narratives, fluid inhabited spaces, queer mobility, and identities. I have a fetish which is about seeking and finding the "destination" in an endless cruise.

I live between London and China this year.

I am currently studying at the Royal College of Art, although I will be graduating soon.

I am going to write myths in my darkroom, those myths I saw in the face of human beings.

Untitled, 2023, 10 x 10 inkjet print
Hot night, 2023, 20 x 25 inkjet print
Flowing boats and foam
We might meet underwater, 2022, 8 x 10 inkjet print

"I Go With The Flow" is an ongoing project, it aims to shed light on the complex intersection between queer mobility, identity, and belonging within the unique context of narrow boat living. By capturing the stories and portraits of those who identify as 'boat people,' this project seeks to create a visual representation of the ever-evolving and fluid nature of queer identity, and how it intersects with the spaces we inhabit. 

Captain Frank, 2022, 20 x 25 inkjet print
Captain Frank in his bathroom, 2022, 20 x 25 inkjet print
The portrait of Noah, 2022, 20 x 25 inkjet print


Giclée prints