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Digital Direction (MA)

Xin Zheng 郑鑫

Xin Zheng is a young digital artist, director, and visual designer from Changsha, Hunan, China.

She graduated from the School of New Media Art and Design of Beihang University in 2022 with a bachelor's degree in Visual Communication Design.

She is currently pursuing an MA in Digital direction at the Royal College of Art in the UK.

Idealistic artist merging art, science, and technology to explore social issues and inspire revolutions.

I am an idealistic artist who focuses on the real issues in contemporary society. I have been working like an octopus with cross-media means to conduct art practice combining computer science, genetics, and material science, focusing on sociology, capitalism, and politics, and speculating a possible future with constant experiments.

My main media include installation, film, VR, and application and I like to explore the connection and separation between virtual space and physical space. I believe I can bring solutions to encourage people to fight against the inequality of life and start social revolutions.



The Wild Cat sheathes its claws,

Tamed by humans,

The Red Hibiscus stains the mountains and wilds,

Confined with the woman in a cage.

After tearing through reality,

I destroy my own weapons,

Drawing a larger moon on my fingertips.

This project draws inspiration from my personal experience of having nail-biting disorder. For me, biting my nails serves as a self-destructive outlet, a battle between self-destruction and self-protection. For my family, it has become an inherited way to cope with negative emotions, embodying the different challenges faced by me, my mother, and my sister. Teeth and nails are the hardest "weapons" in our bodies, and nail-biting is an act of self-destructive weaponry. Through the act of nail-biting, I explore the reasons behind this intergenerational transmission, elucidating the real-life challenges faced by women and transforming them into beautiful weapons against a patriarchal society.

screenshot from video:Small village
screenshot from video:shelf
screenshot from video:finger pick
screenshot from video:biting finger
one hand
two clenched hands
projection cast on four layers of tulle
Exhibition SketchesThe image is projected on four layers of tulle, which represents the gap and transmission between generations. The influence of patriarchy deeply affects us through layers of oppression and women's self-taming.