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Design Products (MA)

Weronika Politowicz

Weronika Politowicz is a multidisciplinary designer specializing in product design and industrial design. She holds a degree from the Art University in Poznan and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, and she is currently pursuing her MA in Design Products at the Royal College of Art in London.

During the period between her BA and MA studies, Weronika experienced significant professional growth. She worked in various roles, including space and exhibition designer, furniture designer, marketing specialist, and CGI artist, accumulating valuable experience in each field. Motivated by this experience, she took the leap to establish her own design practice, Studio Politowicz. Over the course of seven years, she has successfully introduced more than 10 product collections to the market, spanning furniture, lighting, acoustic panels, interior accessories, and fabric prints.

Weronika's projects in temporary architecture, booths, and trade show exhibits have garnered recognition at major industry events across Europe, with notable showcases in Germany, France, the UK, Italy, and other countries. Her talent and dedication have been rewarded with European awards, such as the Diamond Furniture Award 2021 for the MO_RE bathroom collection and the Exhibitor Awards Best of Show at Euroshop 2020 in Dusseldorf for the trade show booth design at Smart Design Expo.

Beyond her design work, Weronika excels in creating captivating visualizations, ranging from photorealistic product and interior representations to more abstract arrangements. Her designs and visualizations have been prominently featured in esteemed publications like Elle Decoration, Label Magazine, and Design Alive, while also gracing the exhibition floors of renowned industry events, including Design Week in Milan, ISH in Frankfurt, Cersaie in Bologna, EUMO in Paris, and Warsaw Home in Warsaw, among others.

Awards, Exhibitions and Publications:


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Light&Building Frankfurt | Bricks lighting system

European Mobility Expo Paris | Solaris fair stand


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4 Design Days Katowice | Radaway fair stand

Euroshop 2020 Dusseldorf | Smart Design Expo fair stand

Cersaie Bologna | Radaway Fair Stand

Gdynia Design Days | Irori Fireplace Tools

Working in the metal workshop, measuring

Crafting emotional bonds, Re-enchantment, and other smaller experiments are the result of my year-long research, attempting to find unique qualities in objects that would give them emotional value and enable the building of relationships between the user and the object at the level of design and production, while preserving these qualities throughout the product's lifecycle. By doing so, I aim to reduce consumption, extend product durability, and increase the presence of these products in the world by fostering a connection with them.

As a designer with experience in the industry, I embarked on my studies at RCA in search of a deeper meaning in design and the correlation between design, craftsmanship, and art. I sought ways to reintroduce the production of consumer goods into the realm of uniqueness and profound relationships through the analysis of objects, their creation, use and disposal.

The presented objects are speculative forms drawing inspiration from sociology, philosophy, and ethnography. Despite the layers of meanings they embody, they should speak individually to each recipient, acting like art that stimulates discussion without providing unequivocal answers. These projects represent an attempt at design through making, simultaneously breaking the observed lack of connection between creator, designer, and the object being produced, thereby transforming the way design practice is conducted.

In these showcased projects, one can discern both direct and indirect influences from elements of psychoanalysis, Bauman's theories, Durkheim's philosophy, the Stoic school, Japanese wabi-sabi theories, and most importantly, from observations and conversations with users, craftsmen, and my personal experience working in the industry.

Violin parts
Violin: Object analysis
Violin parts and pegs
Violin: Object analysis
Violin templates
Violin: Moulds and templates
Work in progress, wood workshop
Work in progress, wood workshop
Crafting Emotional Bonds, Black stained pine wood, walnut wood, brass
Metal lathe


Black stained pine wood, walnut wood, brass