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Writing (MA)

Tom R

Tom R was born and raised in London and the vibrations of the city flow through his blood. A graduate of Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, Tom's writing and visual art practice explores how territories are claimed, how power is wielded and how systems break. Such broad concerns necessitate a balance of intimacy and as such, the artist situates himself within the work, filtering his position through the beats of his past, his present, his relationships — the endings and beginnings.

Tom R’s work explores the tension of hope when the world is burning.

Tom R RCA2023 Statement

Everything is really happening. Or is the algorithm lying to me again?

Tom R RCA2023 LB1
Late Blight is a major project that proposes a new approach to storytelling. Through text, film, print and photography, Tom R examines the emotional weight of systemic failures.
Tom R RCA2023 LB2
Tom R RCA2023 Island Garden Zine
Island Garden is a new independent publication produced by Tom R featuring new explorations in photography, writing and drawing. Island Garden focuses its gaze on the daily dissonance we may experience walking down the streets of England.




A6, 16 Pages
Tom R RCA2023 Alone in the Network
Tom R RCA2023 Alone
Exceprts from 'Alone in the Network', a longer piece of work interogating contemporary atomisation.
Tom R RCA2023 Alone 2
Tom R RCA2023 Oneness PAGE 3
Tom R RCA2023 Oneness PAGE 2
Tom R RCA2023 Oneness PAGE 3
Short story written for the RCA MA Writing publication 'Extending Family' - made in collaboration with the Foundling Museum, London.