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Digital Direction (MA)

Stephanie Thomas

The short film Nina Maranta investigates what co-creative documentary video collage can bring to the post-truth, speculative, immersive documentary discussions. Portraying Brazilian artist and performer Nina Monteiro in a co-creative process, the work weaves Jungian idea of personas and tropical plant stories, revealing nuanced and non-hegemonic Brazilian immigrant imaginaries.

Image credits: Collage includes analogue archival photography of Nina Monteiro by Eduardo Azevedo.

Women, short brown hair, light skin, blue eyes, white background, wearing a black and white polka dots shirt.

Stephanie Thomas (she/her) is a London-based filmmaker and producer originally from Brazil. Working on public engagement strategies in the arts for over ten years, she creates digital resources and leads community-based activities. Her current research includes co-creation, speculative documentaries, critical ecologies and interspecies relationships while experimenting with immersive technologies.