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Visual Communication (MA)

Stefania Samakoviti

Stefania Samakoviti is a designer with specialisation in graphic design. With emphasis on a broader approach of visual communication she often adopts cross-disciplinary aspects to content creation and direction.

Academic qualifications include among others: Postgraduate Diploma in Communication Design from Glasgow School of Art (GSA), Glasgow (GB) ⸺ Erasmus Exchange at the Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto (FBAUP), Porto (PT) ⸺ BA, Graphic Design at the University of West Attica, Athens (GR). Experience: previously Freelance Graphic Designer, also Graphic Designer at creative studios in Athens, Greece.

A towel with a design inspired by the feeling of water droplets on the skin.

I see the creative process like a choreography—research and experience, systems and improvisations, points and counterpoints, tacet and sonare—coexist as elements of my process with my current objective to create a concrete design within a messy environment.

My process dismantles and blends elements from conceptual research in order to find other meanings.

The challenge is to communicate in ways that are accessible and open enough to invite and enable space for response.

A girl bent over a metal tray with water dripping down her hair and her hands hanging gracefully.
Escapism No. 1; From Sky to Earth
A white towel with a black printing message, designed for absorption, wrapped in a grey background.
Towel No. 1; publication A/ confused voice
A white towel with a black printing message wrapped in a black background.
Towel No. 2; publication B/ fixed voice
A white towel with black printing message and yellow leftover shapes wrapped in a grey background.
Towel No. 3; publication C/ repetitive voice
The man applies pressure as he dries her face with a white towel.
Escapism No. 2; The Act of Holding Back
A white towel with black printing massage and yellow leftover shapes wrapped in a grey background.
Towel No. 4; publication D/ informative voice
A publication printing a spreadsheet on top of a pink insulation board with a black background.
A Systematic Approach for Communication in an Imposing World; publication
A publication printing on top of a pink insulation board and zooming in to definitions.
There are three insulation boards, two white and one pink, with a printed spreadsheet placed on top of them, stacked.
Stack of data

Imposing World

The starting point for this project came when I had the intention to operate with a state of neutrality from the imposing directions and meanings, both from the aspect of designers and readers. This feeling of being trapped creates the desire to escape from these directions and meanings as the approach of this project. The interesting thing for me that I can recognize now is how the intimacy can be used as a space for transformation far away from trapped meanings and conditions.

I realized that this space supports a tactic and does not offer a narrative.

Now, I think that I would like to 'speak' simply about this movement of transformations through systematic approaches, transferring these flows of actions into static materials.

Systematic physical movements/ Alexander and Kaoru.