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Digital Direction (MA)

Shravni Shilpa Sangamnerkar

“Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear”

In the context of AI and human co-evolution, the phrase can represent the potential illusion or distortion of perception that arises when humans interact with AI systems. 

The metaphorical application of this sentence underscores the potential risks and biases associated with AI, highlighting the importance of recognizing and understanding the roles and contributions of humans in the co-evolution with AI. Within the pages of "humaine", the creator’s work focuses on reinvention of comics, wielding their power to weave real-time communal narratives in virtual spaces, empowering adolescents to engage in the art of shared storytelling in the midst of a constantly evolving landscape of technological coexistence. 

Humaine is an ongoing project and can be followed through social media channels and website listed.

Image: Mandala Art depicting the biases that creates potential illusions (of depth) of perception when humans interact with AI systems leading to a departure from reality.

Image medium: hand-illustrated

Image side: A3

Portrait by: Nihar Meshram @niharm1703
Size: 1280 px x 853 px

Shravni, a 23-year-old designer and storyteller from India, approaches design with a deep sense of empathy and compassion. Her sincere desire to make a meaningful social impact through her work drives her creative process. Having a background in engineering has instilled in her a rational mindset and the ability to navigate constraints to solve problems effectively. This experience has also provided her with an understanding of machines and systems, as well as an awareness of the associated challenges.

Drawing upon her engineering knowledge and combining it with her design sensibilities, Shravni aims to advance her practice forward with a motive of humanizing technology delving into the intricacies of human thought and behavior to create user-centered products and experiences.


Shravni and Tanya coauthored Point Zero as part of IRCAM Forum in Paris. Starting from 'Shoonya' transcending to 'Point Zero' this project is an immersive 5 speaker audio composition with an assistive audio-visualiser filter. This project weaves a metaphorical journey of sand as rhetoric of passing time in oneness. Within this exploration lies an intricate interplay of cross-cultural dynamics. Despite our disparities- patterns emerge conveying a resounding truth.

Video made with Photoshop, Blender and After Effects.

Sound made with Reaper.

Audio Visualiser Filter: Tapping patterns of sand captured through resonance of source with audio visualiser. Filter made with Spark AR.


Augmented reality, Spatial sound