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Contemporary Art Practice (MA)

Ruoheng Li

Ruoheng Li (b. 1993) is a travelling artist based in London. She is originally from Beijing, China. She received her BFA degree from ArtCenter College of Design (2014) and her MA degree from the Royal College of Art(2023).

She has travelled to 16 countries and volunteered in Africa, contributing to local education. She has walked through the fires of Gaza in the hope of contributing to peace as a war correspondent. She has also investigated the indigenous art of Colombia, creating works in response to anti-colonization and promoting awareness of indigenous arts. Her work involves cross-subject studies, including history, multiculturalism, politics, ethics, and more. Additionally, she expresses her subjects by experimenting with various media, including painting, photography, printmaking and installation.

Her work has been exhibited worldwide, including in galleries and museums in the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Israel and Colombia.

"Arts, to me, are the observations and reflections of life. Fortunately, I have the opportunity to use art as a method to communicate with my audience." Ruoheng Li

Previously, I have engaged in extensive work centred on the political and subject matters of other countries where I have observed and lived in. During the pandemic, I had the chance to return to China and revisit the community where I grew up.

Upon my return, I was struck by the tremendous changes in this community, which mirror the overall transformations in China. Based on the research of this community, I can see how China has changed and progressed. I have gained a profound understanding of how the reform and opening-up of China have imprinted itself on me.

In my China Project series, I place emphasis on two aspects. Firstly, I delve into China's rapid economic development from the 90s to the present day, encompassing the tools of communication and consumerism. Secondly, I highlight the values and core principles of the Chinese education system while exploring the contrasting perspectives of Western and Eastern educational values.

As an interesting witness to these changes, I have personally experienced both the traditional Chinese values that prioritize family and collectivism as well as experienced the American values that emphasize individualism and freedom.

I have witnessed the value of a "simple life" within a community during times of material scarcity. Furthermore, I have observed the gradual spread of consumerism within Chinese society, which has redefined societal values and expectations in contemporary times.

Entitled "Memory Fragments," my series encompasses various aspects of memories, including architecture, entertainment, the neighbourhood and school experiences.

Throughout this series, I strive to balance a documentary perspective with my personal experiences. My objective is to capture the transformative changes of the era and explore the lasting imprints it has left on our generation.

Digital work, print as a stickers
All the best student,2023This is a recreated honour certificate, which was widely assigned in Chinese primary schools during the artist's childhood. This image is printed as a sticker on the wall. The print size is 180 cm wide.
Digital work, print as a stickers
Salute,2023Digital work, print as stickers stick on the wall. The duck is 166 cm in print size.
Magzine - Memory Fragments of SchoolingThis is an artist-made magazine as a writing practice, documenting the collectivistic school life that the artist experienced in her primary education period (7326 words). The cover imitates the layout of the New Yorker magazine.
ready made
Mail Box, 2022Readymade Installation – abundant mailbox. 112 x 220 x 40 cm This installation is the old mail boxes from the community which had not been used for 15 years, because the post office replaced them with a new one in front of the building. The artist removed it from the iron railing by the stairs with a chainsaw. Rearranging them into a new layout and displaying them as a new installation.
ready made
Ongoing - the collage of 90's advertisement sound track
artist talk
The artist gave a talk on this project at the Tate Museum in 2023


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