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Service Design (MA)

Ruiqi Li

We are currently working with the British Red Cross on our final project. It aims to help the British Red Cross attract more young people aged 12-15 to join as volunteers and form a sustainable organization.

We designed a parent-child community activity called "From Family to Community" for parents with the vision of "wanting their child to grow into an empathetic person". It offers volunteer activities with different themes for kids and parents, allowing kids to have fun while helping people and the environment in the community. Our program aims to help children build confidence in themselves to change the world, increase their awareness of caring for others, motivate them to act, and develop long-term habits of action.

personal statement

I'm Ruiqi Li, a designer from China. I studied product design as an undergraduate and am currently studying Service Design at the Royal College of Art. I hope my service design thinking can bring people a better service experience.

project purpose