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Visual Communication (MA)

Qiuyuan Tu (tútu)

ⓠⓘⓊⓨⓤⓐⓝ ​ ⓣⓊ is an illustrator and fashion designer with a multidisciplinary background, based in China and London. Her experiences of studying and living in different cultural contexts have provided her with a unique perspective. By exploring various mediums, such as installations and games, she expands the presentation of illustration, making it more inclusive and establishing a connection with the audience.

Before obtaining a Master's degree in Visual Communication from the Royal College of Art, Qiuyuan completed her Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design at Donghua University and the Bunka Fashion College in Japan.

image about my work

ⓆⒾⓊⓨⓤⒶⓝ believes that our personal experiences and the environments we live in play a significant role in shaping our individual identities.

Drawing from her own experiences in Japan and the UK, she utilizes various artistic mediums such as installations, videos, and games to explore how culture influences her own identity. For instance, she examines how Japanese culture's emphasis on fashion impacts one's sense of self-expression, and how East Asian cultural values of familial relationships reflect on social order.

Through her artwork, Qiuyuan aims to engage viewers in contemplating the intricate interplay between personal experiences, cultural influences, and individual identity, offering insights into how these elements are intertwined in shaping who we are.

Friendly reminder: This space has only one staff member. Working hours: 10 AM to 12 PM , 2 PM to 4 PM
"Welcome to Putikura" is a unique project that combines narrative and interactive gaming. Inspired by Qiuyuan's experiences and memories in a foreign country, she creates an immersive space called "purikura."

Participants can freely decorate their photos using Qiuyuan's visual elements, resulting in different visual outcomes. Through this visual experiment, people can experience Qiuyuan's interpreted fashion style and explore diverse fashion cultures.

"Purikura" provides a platform for individuals to express themselves, not only as a fashion experience but also as a critical reflection on social and cultural identities. Participants are encouraged to deeply reflect on their own fashion culture and identity while respecting the fashion styles of other cultures.

Fashion does not have to be seen as a superficial gloss wrapping a ‘true’ body or self, it can be seen as an active process of bringing things outside, an aggrandizement of an identity that is mediated with the social.
This is a sanctuary for the body and soul.