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Photography (MA)

Peiyi Li





verity size

(b.2000, China)

fashion photographer,

image maker.

Romantic war

This artwork is inspired by the film "Ghost in the Shell," where the protagonist, Motoko Kusanagi, yearns for self-awareness, leading to the fusion of her consciousness with an artificial intelligence that surpasses human cognition, even if it results in the destruction of her mechanical body.

Similar to how cyborgs follow programming, in real-world relationships, people's behavior can be influenced or even controlled by various perspectives from social media, online forums, and internet information. This can lead to excessively high expectations of oneself and one's partner, creating a new form of confinement within intimate relationships.

Breaking free from these shackles is a long-lasting battle, and it requires maintaining the ability to make autonomous choices and decisions in order to establish healthy relationships. Just like Motoko Kusanagi, her yearning for individual freedom and independent thinking, and her spirit of resistance against confinement and control, this romantic battle of resistance allows her to break free from the shackles and achieve personal freedom and liberation of consciousness.