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Curating Contemporary Art (MA)

Napas Mangklatanakul

The Latest Project

Breath Variations is a new body of work created by Irish artist Christopher Steenson (b. 1992) for Flat Time House. Using sound, video, and transmission-based methodologies, Breath Variations will explore the materiality of time – its permanence and evanescence – and the power that attention has over its transmission and state of matter. By manipulating and extending the sonic dimensions of Flat Time House, Steenson investigates the capacity of breath as a ‘least event’ – Latham’s term for the shortest departure from a state of nothingness – to punctuate linearities of time and space.

Breath Variations is part of the MA Curating Contemporary Art Graduate Projects 2023, Royal College of Art, in partnership with Flat Time House. Curated by: Cindy He, Thomas Cury, Salomé Jacques, Romy Lagesse, Napas Mangklatanakul, Ariana Martin, Liyin Wang and Hyora Yang.


My research interests include public art in specific societies, art in the public sphere in Thailand, and how to bring Thai contemporary art into the global art scene. My research is based on case studies from the UK including the practice of the graduate project. Focusing on adaptation from existing projects to the context of public art in Thailand is a challenge, but I can see the potential and methodology starting from site specificity to the wider field. I imagine my future role as a curator is to mediate between artists, institutions, private organizations, and public organizations.

From the graduate project, I have learned the process of producing one project from the beginning to the outcome. The curators played an important part in the project. A lot of mediation between the artist, the institution, and the curators themselves in order to give the audience knowledge and walk them through the exhibition spontaneously and smoothly.