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Contemporary Art Practice (MA)

Mengyuan Ma

Mira Mengyuan Ma 马梦媛 (b.1999, China)

She works across various mediums including photography, writing, and installation.

Mira calmly engages in self-observation. Reflexive writing is an essential method of reflection for her. The piece of work Vanishing M delves into the concept of the invisible hegemony that arises from the ideological state apparatus. It also highlights the diverse aspects of civil society, such as educational institutions, media outlets, and families. The work aims to explore ways to distance oneself from the historical influences that have shaped them.

Mira shows her personal archive of images in cultural sites like museums and galleries across the UK. She has also been experimenting with a transfer medium to combine images and organza. The process involves a repetitive cycle of pasting, washing, and drying, which blurs the image's original message and adds a layer of fortune to the process of identity exploration. Her artistic expression primarily emphasizes the amalgamation of text and images convey powerful information.

Fuzzy processed family image printed on transparent fabric.

Envisioning my body breaking into a million fragments and scattering away with the breeze. 

It could end up in the ocean, on the pavement, or among the stars. 

It could transform into bubbles, and seeds, or settle into the fur of a little puppy’s ears.

Yet nothing happens now

Four scrolls and mirror with door handles for exhibition.
Scrolls presented in the studio
Detail of the image on the scroll
Detail of the image on the scroll
Detail of the image on the scroll
Detail of the image on the scroll


scrolls, installation


30cm x 250cm/400cm
A moment. Notes on how to feel your presence.


image, writing