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Sculpture (MA)

Malkah Landau-Wildy

Through film and sculpture, Landau-Wildy's work considers the fragility of materiality, the tenuous placement of material occupation, and the vulnerability of extended cognition in contemporary human culture.

Her sculptural practice is concerned with parables surrounding the materialization and dissolution of living forms, contemplating an ontology of the emergence and dissolution of organisms through a childlike lens; - for instance, how an infant might conceptualise and respond to absence and impermanence prior to the psychological concrete operational phase. Through responding to materiality with the intention of deliberate naivety, works conceptualise and unravel integrated eco-systems, and respond instinctively to material antagonisms and entanglements.

The frequent inclusion of the figure, adapted in conjunction with biomorphic form, serves to elucidate narrative and storytelling within the compositional framework - prompting a consideration of how concepts relayed through extended metaphor might become their own pseudo-mythologies.

Pop-up sculptural and filmic installations are frequently arranged somatically, constructing temporary ‘demi-mondes’ which immerse the viewer into the Guthian notion of a microcosmic inflationary zone (or ‘pocket universe’). The conceptualisation of small isolated dimensions is, of course, inherently tied to our contemporary symbiosis with our personal interactive mirrors - or ‘pocket universes’; - territories of personal, immaterial swathes of landscapes, and signified perpetual terragenesis.

A woman holding a lizard.

Throughout the year, and in recent work, continual movement between the city and forest began to prompt considerations of the psycho-somatic properties of our distinct contemporary terramares; - forms of exo-digestion, extended cognition, psychosomatic inflammation, and cognitive distress, as well as the sanative and analeptic effects of the integrated inter-species ecosystem.

A detail shot of extraterrestrial growths protruding from the sculptures.
Ganymede (Series - detail)
A sculpture of roots.
Ganymede (Series - detail)
A sculptural figure with protruding growths.
Ganymede (series - detail)


A woman wearing jewellery made from raw ceramic and lichen.
Launch Project
MumuA collection of jewellery (designed as a receptacle for gathering) fabricated with lichen which has grown filaments into raw ceramic.
Biophilia Collection - Justine
Concrete sculptures of subverted and mutated heads, with embedded additions in silver.
The Horde (Iterations)
A concrete sculpture of a head, with fragmented and broken pieces altered to give the appearance of a geode.
The Horde I
A concrete sculpture of a head, with fragmented and broken pieces altered to give the appearance of a geode.
The Horde II