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Contemporary Art Practice (MA)


Lin. 2000. Chinese.

Don’t mind me

I am nobody but a maniac



My given family name

A name that stays with me

even when I am buried beneath the ground

I do not know who 'I' am

but I know for sure that

I am a Lin.

an outsider.

statement image

My artistic practice derives from personal experiences and explores the complexity in human relationships, the conundrum with/within self. As an immigrant, I was never able to find a sense of belongingness and my ‘root’. I question the nature and physical existence of the ‘self’/‘I’. Who am I? Where am I? What am I?

My work narrates conflicts and struggles occur throughout different life stages, and how cultural and interpersonal aspects impact the shaping of one’s values, responsibilities, morality and individuality. I see my practice as an identity-searching journey, a tool to heal, to release energy, and to enhance self-consciousness of the 'self' and the meanings of existence in this ephemeral life.

I am interested in the intangibles and the implicit realities in life. I like to experiment and experience using my own body to fully engage, to sense, and speak to the 'self'. I am intrigued by the feelings stimulated from improvisation and meditation process. I am curious to understand how human psyche, how the conscious/unconscious mind function. I like to magnify and make obvious of the unnoticed; to explore the hidden psychological feelings; to trigger the memories and emotions-especially the dark ones- that we subconsciously hidden to reveal the true self.

I embrace the power of silence, yet it is also my biggest nightmare.

Emotions are ineffable. I sometimes cannot express with only words. I feel suffocated. Are you able to FEEL my repression? Are you able to HEAR to how my body speaks? the loudness in my mind?

Breathe with me. Listen with me. Sense with me.

line drawing (transportation)
line drawing (transportation)
line drawing (transportation)
traces (foot)
traces (foot)
traces (foot)
traces(on foot)

*selected works*

The series of line drawings/mark making is a continuous project which I started back in 2020 during the pandemic. The idea is to project the sense of unsettledness within self, feeling lost, and unable to find a place to position oneself in the country.

Such absurd act was able to provide a sense of secure and comfort, psychologically, which was unintentional. Through blindfolding my eyes during the making process, I was scared by the idea of darkness and 'not knowing'. It was a challenge that I eventually overcame and found myself enjoying the 'purposeless' creation. I was able to relax and let go of all thoughts. It was meditating. It felt real. I felt real being in that moment.

The marks are the evidence of my existence. My traces (invisible) became visualised and touchable. I can feel these invisible traces, my existence with my very own hands.

eyes closed

don't be scared



stamp your feet

feel how it feels to standto touchto be

where you are at


invisible reality 1
invisible reality 2
documentation of shadow movements
documentation of shadow movements



here again

gone again




still exist(ed)

Can’t you see?

It’s there

Just look 

It’s all there

the invisibles no.1
the invisibles no.2
the invisibles no.3
the invisibles no4


liquid charcoal on paper


red line 1
red line 2
red line 3

I am bonded by the red line


scented oil, incense, mixed media