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Digital Direction (MA)

Leping Ji

Leping Ji is a Digital storyteller. Her work focuses on the connection between daily things and people. She frequently employs poetic expressions to convey intricate emotional reactions to modern-day experiences.


2023, Digital Direction graduate show, Outernet London | London, UK

2022, IRCAM Forum Workshop, ircam Centre Pompidou | Paris, France

2022,’ AR Everywhere', Europe Advertising Week | London, UK

2022, ‘DAO' Exhibition, New bond street | London, UK

2019, Suzhou International Digital Creativity Festival | Suzhou, China

virtual avatar

In my practice of AR, VR, 360 film production, I thrive on bringing my ideas to life through immersive experiences. I focus on creating experimental narratives within alternative realities, pushing the boundaries of storytelling and artistic expression. By blending physical and virtual worlds, I aim to transport viewers into captivating dimensions that challenge their perceptions and ignite their imagination.

Finding in the water

Based on my own experience, this is a story about a group of people who follow water in search of an identity and eventually return to a body of water. My audience are people who have experienced geographical relocation. My project reflects on geographical change and identity mobility by mapping individual family experiences to events at a specific time in China back then. The aim of my project is to share stories with the audience. Through the story, I want the audience to experience the process of finding their identity and returning to a body of water. This will give them a sense of cultural and memory connections.