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Print (MA)

Lakshita Munjal

Lakshita (1998, Hisar) is a designer and visual artist based between London and New Delhi. She’s trained as an architect, having completed her BArch in 2021 from CEPT University, Ahmedabad. During which she received the Nirmal Dhingra Sachdev Trust Scholarship for her thesis titled ‘Decoding Housing Advertisements’

Currently doing her MA in Print at the Royal College of Art and working as a partner for blurck21, an interdisciplinary design collaborative.

Reflection of buidings on cars

I like distorting the conventional elements of our built environment 

I like to confuse you 

I like to capture moments when the city morphs into something other than the structural grid it’s meant to hold. 

I like to compare our anthropometric scale to those of our skyscrapers and our homes 

I like to question the language we’ve created to talk about these structures; the ‘room’ is my recent prey

I like to imagine the city as a lived organism; breathing alongside us, going to work with us in the morning, eating with ‘us’ bit by bit.

I want you to observe how the buildings around you make you feel

I want you to notice how you make a ‘room’ everywhere 

I want you to question the confusion 

My practice begins by either capturing photographs or collecting objects during my daily travels. A part of the city comes back and breathes with me. I attempt to mould it to my rhythm, but usually the contrary happens and our conversations dictate the work. The print medium comes to focus as I like to imagine it as a layer of skin the urban morphology gets to shed, a trace of existence in its current state. Using techniques like imprinting and stamping often surround the process.

While reading about agoraphobia a couple of years ago, my interest in questioning the ‘meaning of spaces’ grew further. It’s a phobia that comes out of our evolutionary response to built structures. A heightened version of the discomfort you feel when you’re in the tube and don’t know where to look, or in a large square under a 50-story high building and can’t help but feel overwhelmed by the weight above you. 

My attempt remains to accumulate these quirks within our environment and observe their phenomenological impact on our daily lives.

a chair
seat detail
a chair
the furniture A room usually has walls, flooring, a ceiling, an exit, an entry, and a piece of furniture. 'phantom boundary' is my attempt to deconstruct the various elements that make a room. This here is the stool, one that comes from three different furniture pieces found on the streets of London. Having lived in their previous owner's room, it will now sit at my final show at the RCA with other objects that make up a 'room' to form phantom boundaries.


wood, metal, screen print, UV print, found objects


a room
screen print on mirror, reflections, animation
reflections on mirrors
screen print on mirror
closer look in the mirror
screen print on mirror, reflections
A moment with the car
screen print on somerset, reflections
a zine
a zine of reflections Both sides of the paper hold similar information, one being a photographic collage of reflections from the city of London, and the other, its drawn ‘reflection’. As paper folds and the lines of distinction hide, do we differentiate one from another?
a zine
At the Southwark Park gallery, Photolitho and screen prints on Somerset
At the Southwark Park galleryThe piece is a play on the word ‘reflection’. The physical reflections of the city portray the process of self-reflection of those living in it. The cyclic nature of the psyche is shown by taking a single image and processing it to become a reflection of itself, and itself again.
At the Southwark Park gallery, Photolitho and screen prints on Somerset
A book
a book
a book
a book; laser cut and digital print
Launch Project
A publicationPhotographs turn into plan-like forms to represent the city, captures taken when the building facades are stagnant, reflecting themselves on the body of cars paused at red lights, waiting to move again as the light turns green and the city starts moving again.


laser engraving on tinted acrylic, digital print on acetate


10" x 15"
footpath imprint in clay sits with it's inked imprint
footpath imprint in clay sits with it's inked imprint
clay sculptures made by imprinting footpaths
The sculptures
The book of clay imprints
Launch Project
The book of imprints ‘Threshold’ is an everlasting project exploring the patterns under our feet. It’s the line of contact when materials change, and we sometimes see ourselves walking differently, the act of opening a door and suddenly forgetting your thoughts from before. The current piece is a compilation of prints taken from clay reliefs of footpaths around the city of London.


clay, imprints on paper, photography


31.5 x 46.5 cm