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Service Design (MA)

Jaewoo Jang

I am Jaewoo Jang, a Service/Experience designer from Seoul, Korea.

I am exploring diverse areas that intersect service and experience design, brand/design strategy, project management and marketing communication to connect every layers of business, product and users to design holistic experiences and solutions that resonate.

In the New Era, boundaries of the each fields are broken, fused, and evolving. Every problem is multidimensional. That's why holistic/multi-disciplinary capabilities and experience are essential to discover and create impactful solutions for. This is why I am expanding and blending my boundaries in a unique way by gaining experience and capabilities across various fields.

My forte lies in weaving together disparate layers of business, product, and user perspectives into coherent, holistic experiences that make a tangible impact.


Master of Service Design, Royal College of Art, London, United Kingdom, 2021 - 2023

Project/Account Manager, Samsung, Cheil Worldwide, Seoul, Korea, 2017 - 2021

Previous Degrees

BA Advertising and Public relations / Minor in Psychology

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These years at Royal College of Art have shaped my vision of design.

I began to embrace all my previous capabilities and experiences into integrating a holistic/multi-disciplinary perspective into every process of my design method. All my experiences, used to be seen as separate areas from each other, have integrated and become the most unique capability in creating optimal solutions that aligns all of my different interests and values under the framework of experience/service design.

Now, going forward, I would like to explore how technology can be used as a tool to deliver the most humane values and impact through this holistic design approach, bridging the gaps that exist among social perceptions, realistic constraints and technology to end-users and stakeholders.


"We Need a New Story: Freedom, Equality and New Human, Homo-digitalis"

Featured Projects

Generative AI for Self-Relationship Building

• An interactive self-care and self-reflection service powered by AI

Social Impact

• Digital space of kindness for the homelessness

Preventive Healthcare

• Shift the boundary of preventive care: From the individual to family

Speculative Design

• Reimagining play and playgrounds as city services

Design for Good

• Delivering impact in alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

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