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Photography (MA)

Guoyu Tian

Guoyu Tian(田国雨), based in Guangdong and London, her works are about self-exploration in emotion, existence, and situation as a woman.

She used to study oil painting at China, Sichuan Fine Art Institute which influenced her image working similar to the painting process.

As an Asian woman, Guoyu uses her life experience for self-perception and creates the image by analyzing women's situations and digesting women's anxiety.

Guoyu believes that themes related to women should not be too delicate, she hopes to retain the rough sense of production and original aesthetic intuition in her works.

Urchin, me

I feel like I am a sting, a hill, I am a tooth.


We keep using the filter to cover our skin by layer and layer and layer, we can feel such shame to see through ourselves under the self-observation.

In this work, I am just an urchin but with soft flesh, tiny hairs, gushing blood vessels, passionate sweat glands, and a sour smell.

I hope to use the sense of pain to alert myself to my timidity as a woman, but my timidity is not my fault.

In the process of continuous self-internalization, I think we need to accept our own feelings. We are educated as women, our souls are trapped in a body, but we have expectations and desires for our bodies that do not belong to us. Our skin changes through the regulation of hormones to behave with different traits to remind us of all the signs, but these changes we deliberately try to hide.

Sometimes I wish I was an urchin, she knows that no matter how many layers of filters mask her sharpness, she still stings my eyes in the clues.

I'm an urchin,I can externalize my anxiety and visualize the tingling-like spikes in front of my eyes.

urchin print
I can feel the urchin, then urchin feels me.
body painting
metal tooth
body painting 2
triple urchin
urchin on my feet
double injure
urchin mole
Filter fell in my eyes