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Photography (MA)

Beige Ella Liu

String puppet cross


moving image

Warning: This section contains mature or explicit content.

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Beige Ella Liu is a London based artist using photography, performance art and moving images through her art practice. Her work ranges from the context of relationships between political concerns and feminism issues to the space and mind of the intricacies of the human psyche. She explores the complexity of emotion, from subtle nuances of an expression to large movements, conveying the nuances of identity and our psychological mind. 


My work signifies different chapters in my life. They are my sincere feelings in exploring the journey of living and making connections with my surroundings. My work is also a part of self-exploration, sometimes they are reflections of my inner thoughts that I wasn’t aware of, which later gradually emerges with me after a period of time. Photographs include my memories of wonders and the pain, that became valuables I’ve learnt to cherish and accept. 

my work has a variety of explorations in gender issues, psychology, figurative and space, I like to approach my projects softly, with experimental methodology in which the use of different mediums enables me to use a playful approach. I often want my audience to have an immersive experience while viewing my work, therefor there is sound and installations for touch in the exhibition. This page has 3 projects on display I did during the year 2023 at the RCA.