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V&A/RCA History of Design (MA)

Eleanor J S

Eleanor is a interdisciplinary design historian with a background in Human, Social, and Political Sciences and previous experience in the fashion and start-up world.

She has a wide-range of research interests - past research topics have included prion diseases, early transfer-printing on enamels, and cultural restitution.

In her free-time she is an amateur jeweller and brings this knowledge to her work.

She is currently pursuing opportunities that combine her interests in research and entrepreneurship.

Image: Interior of Iglesia de Oro, Quito, Ecuador, 2019. Photograph: Eleanor Swire.

Ornate gold regalia on a red cloth with a black background, 2 slippers, a golden bird, and a sheathed sword - on a postcard

Dissertation Title:

Benevolence or Machiavellianism?
Why the Mandalay Regalia were returned in 1964, when other objects with contemporary restitution requests were not – and how this relates to modern day restitution discourse.

Image: Postcard depicting Burmese objects, National Art Library, V&A: MA/1/B3514 (Burman Government Nominal File, 1903-1965). Photograph: Eleanor Swire.