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Contemporary Art Practice (MA)

Claire Ward

(The Abyss)

I am right here with you I cannot be analyzed, I will never be owned I am viscerally weird strange, disruptive non-specific, you feel me all the time, I am everywhere, I am uncanny, I will give you goosebumps, but you are out of sync so I am out of sync. I am not connected but hang on I am all the connections you will always know and more, I am vivid, I can leap out at you and surprise you, yet you aren’t surprised as you always feel me. I wane like the moon, shine like the sun, I am an orchestra playing your tune but that’s impossible as I am the tune, I am the abyss you think is strange, but it’s this abyss where I touch you most, grab you, plead with you, I can see it all, I feel it all, you think you see it all, but you never will. I will lick the gaps, no one can point a finger at me, I will be that constant irritating distraction that logic will never understand. I will always be here with you. I am you.



Claire Ward Transdisciplinary artist thoughts things and hyperobjects

I am a transdisciplinary artist who has always been concerned with the greyey bits of humans, those parts that aren’t clear and the decisions made within them.

There is an unaccountable amount of visceral, hubristic data, information, knowledge dumped at our feet, much of which we are not aware of that influences our choices. This is why I have my own methodology of ‘Heapology’ in order to navigate, nurture & ‘lick the gaps’.

‘Heapology’ is the strange sticky idea of heaps, dumps, stacks or piles

The formal concern is the process of truthy dimensions ‘so massive in relation to our human and non-human biosphere’. It’s this strange, weird abyss where I am ‘licking the gaps’ drawing attention to ‘blurrytactics of communication that are central to the simplifying or not of a complex problem. 

There is a politics in choice which is central to the materiality of the work. The sculptural response is triggered by trusting the hunch & maybe blurry thought, searching everyday ‘things’ - piles - heaps - text - energizing a remix - a withyness, a more than human connection, a new thought, new hierarchies, a possible whole.

Concrete logic
'The wieldy reality of Logic' 2023Concrete
plastic people divided
'Over extraction' 2023Mixed media
Finger plastic
'You cant point a finger at me' 2023Mixed media
Data dump
'Data dump' 2023Mixed media
'Please don't subject me to this' 2023Mixed media
ecological violence
'Ecological violence' 2023Mixed media


Mixed media


Hyperobject global warming thoughts things
Hyperobject'An object or event whose dimensions in space and time are massive in relation to a human biosphere' (Timothy Morton:Being Ecological) #blackhole #amazonforest #globalwarming #oilfield #god
Hyperobject'An object or event whose dimensions in space and time are massive in relation to a human biosphere' (Timothy Morton:Being Ecological) #blackhole #amazonforest #globalwarming #oilfield #god


Oil, gas, plastic, humans


Bigger than time and space
3D Scan white ABS plastic
'Don't delete the shock' 2023Printed on an FDM printer in white ABS plastic
Nature ecology plastic grass
'Nature' 2023The deceased -Opinatio defunctus- dead, died, decayed, withered away, passed away ECOLOGY RESURRECTIO POSSIBILIS
What if humiliation down to earth
Heaps and stacks
'Heaps and stacks'
Why way does the arrow point
'Which way..'




Multispecies biosphere

Is their spirit clear?

Do they have a good heart? What other baggage are they carrying? Are they useful to us? Can they fix up our generator? Can they actually do anything?

Linda Tuhawai Smith - Decolonising Methodologies

Sweetness is power
Fuses Fusebox
VR image of a Heap of neutrons
Heap of neutrons
Heap of neutrons
Heap of neutrons








ME YOU equal’s an US

Think of the whole world without US

I asked a woman she said US

I asked a man he said US

I asked THEM THEY said US

I asked the children they said US

I bravely staked the land she said US

I chaptered my heart in a field full of DARK & LIGHT truths

YOU can join ME dare I say

YOU can join ME over THERE

Or better still over HERE with US

CAP Tate Lates
Tate Late


Fuse box
Claire ward photographic portrait
© Caroline True