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Visual Communication (MA)

Deer Sheng

Deer Sheng, a visual creator delicately balances the intersection of digital and physical mediums. Traversing the fields of graphics, digital forms, and illustrations, she seeks not to conquer, but to explore.

Inspiration for her is a quiet stream, nourished by observation, reading, and the natural flow of thoughts. She quietly drinks in the world around her, storing fragments of her experience like a mosaic of understanding.

Art for her is less spectacle, more introspection. It’s a process of meditation, a gentle transfer of the absorbed to the created, a methodical translation of experience into visual language.

In each piece she creates, you’ll find the echo of a moment, the impression of an emotion, a shard of reality viewed through her perspective. 

the research book of the project

Our emotional connection to technology is a norm, not an anomaly, reflecting our complex relationships with non-human entities. These devices, like friends or teammates, offer interactions as real as a conversation with ChatGPT. As Dr. Graham Harvey emphasizes, the question isn’t whether everything around us is alive, but how we interact appropriately with these entities.

As a human, my comprehension of these devices is limited. Still, I continually strive to explore my relationship with the closest technology in a less anthropocentric manner. By deeply analyzing the dynamics between my phone and me, I challenge the view of technology as a mere tool and aim to reveal the impact of such interactions on our life, cognition, and morals.

This project is not merely a study; it’s a journey to understand, question, and redefine boundaries and connections across the spectrum from human to non-human, personal to non-personal, and organic to synthetic. As Rosi Braidotti aptly put it, “human” is anything but a neutral term. It is high time we broadened the scope to include others.Together, in our digitally intertwined world, we traverse complex narratives of co-existence and symbiosis.

the inner page of the research book
the inner page of the research book
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We - the system of the interaction with mobile phone
Take a walk in this world of me and my phone
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