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Writing (MA)

Aryan Ali-murad

Hi there,

I hope you're well.

I hope you're happy.

I hate writing about myself.

My name is Aryan Bamo Ali-Murad.

I am a writer based in London and am currently on the cusp of achieving an MA in the Writing course here at RCA in spite of my total inability to write a decent bio! Anything is possible, kids.

I achieved my Undergrad in English Literature & Creative Writing from London Metropolitan University, where I won the 'Exemplary Creative Achievement' award for my dissertation, a short story titled 'What we find'. Since then I have had the privilege to work with outlets such as TheCreativePandemic, the London International Kurdish Film Festival, and was given the fantastic opportunity to transcribe the autobiography of the former head of the 'Cognitive Developmental Unit' of Cambridge.

My writing often revolves around themes of belonging, heritage, and trauma, more specifically my own being the son of two Kurdish parents. As well as this, I have researched and written on the topic of how heritage is used as a tool of oppression against Kurdish females. I predominantly write short stories and creative essays that explore these themes in the hopes to better my understanding and connection with a culture that has always felt at arms reach.

A faded picture of my mother and two other Kurdish women at university, standing next to their teacher.

'I don’t understand Kurdish. Speak Arabic.'

A suppression then a resurgence of culture. Tales of diaspora. Lean a little closer and turn down the ethereal hums and buzzes that ruminate in every cracking corner of your mind, a story of a land shall be told soon, one whose parameters and borders are distorted and amorphous, It will be a nostalgic temper tantrum on all of life and time, or if nothing else, a treat for your equilibrium.

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Circular piece of writing titled Tails