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Visual Communication (MA)

Aiyu Wang

Aiyu Wang is a multimedia designer working at futuristic and scientific scenes. Due to her background of coding and engineering, she is fascinated by techniques that broke the absoluteness of space and time in the physical world and revolutionized the way we perceive and understand the world. Her work always brings into question the potential of science in artistic practice and its ability to reshape our understandings of technology and future. Through these experimental practices and immersive interactive experiences, she keeps trying to combine emerging media techniques with speculative storytelling, utilizing AI, mechanical installations, and creative computing to challenge our imagination and narrate these critical moments.

Before joining the Experimental Communication in Visual Communication of Royal College of Art, she studied automation engineering and artificial intelligence during undergraduate study in Southeast University, and working as creative director, photographer, producer in fashion visual industry.

Four mechanical limbs image

It is hard to imagine the new era for human body. Like in some sci-fi movies, some people may choose to cut off their original organs and replace them by stronger mechanical equipments instead of flesh and blood due to their disenchantment of natural human body —— which should be eliminated, and is weak and imperfect. 

' Body is the reality. Surgery is the new sex. '

  ——Crime of the Future Directed by David Cronenberg

Our feelings of our body will change in the future. Prosthesis transformation is one of the troubling fantasies that manipulates body through engaging biomechanical, medical, and technological innovations. For this project, I’m concerned with mapping a tension between posthuman body and human’s self-perception. With this interactive multimedia work, audiences can be immersed in the experience of various artificial limbs, enabling them to engage in the simulated process of body manipulation. This project urges people to explore their desired future through the imagination of technology.

archive images of four future limb
Poster of arm001-marble
Poster of arm002-silver
Poster of arm003-ice
Poster of arm004-lava

Get rid of nature foundation, the emergence of technological products for biological evolution and body modification raises the problem What does it mean to be a human? The combination of machine and human has already begun, such as artificial organs and brain chips. How does non-human (technical and artificial objects) define our natural human body? How does the human recognize their self-existence when their bodies are modular, switchable, detachable, reassemblable, and saleable? How do people treat the body that has undergone mechanical change or loss?


Design process for interactive part
Manipulation Leap Motion Test

Corporeal Manipulation

Corporeal Manipulation is an interactive moving image work that arouse people’s pure perception and speculative future of body transformation. These different kinds of transformation emphasize the limitations of the human body, by overcoming (through medical, technological means) disease, frailty, weakness, and unpredictable living environment of our futures. 

The project uses hand tracking in real time, so that audiences can experience mechanical artificial arms that follow their own movements, and change into various types of future digital arms automatically according to gesture recognition.

Generative future organs and artificial implants with the sound of vital sign monitor during surgery.