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Fashion (MA)

Wearable Technology


“Those who adhere to the past won't be able to cope with the future.” (Willy Brandt)

While all other fields of design are focused on problem solving, the fashion industry is still stuck in industrial processes, developed in the century before the last one. All digitalisation is still based on processes which were previously done by hand. The focus of this digitalisation is the streamlining and acceleration of the design, development and production of clothing in order to maximise profit. But the world has changed. Over the last 50 years we have entered a period of technological enlightenment and it is time that the fashion industry catches up with the rest of the world.

We, the students of the Wearable Technology platform, are looking at improving the lives of people by extending, enabling, connecting, protecting and completing the human body. Focusing on the function instead of the aesthetics of our garments we are reaching to reinvent what clothing means and how it interacts with the wearer. To achieve this we are reaching out to experts in other fields from neuroscientists to philosophers, collaborating with them to design experiences and products which are truly new in a world that has seen it all.

- Text by Sebastian Roeck