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Fashion (MA)



Biowear as design practice and philosophy rethinks the realm of human craft with learnings, inspiration and materials extracted from nature. Considering the act of making along with biological and organic processes, a new discipline of fashion has emerged where humans and non-humans are allowed a material and digital dialogue.

From biomimetic apparel to computational bio-fabrication, a holistic design system and thinking is applied to artefacts for a more considered approach to human activities within their environment.

Synthesising organic matter, discovering patterns within the micro and macro world,and applying A.I. to help us understand and read our surroundings are part of Biowear designers’ ever-lasting search for better communication with the non-human.

Biowear enables us to question current power structures and to not only create a more eco-friendly industry, but also a more equitable society and environment. Designing with living organisms creates new ways of working, from petri dishes to labs to computation. It creates new relationships with nature, with our garments and moreover, it changes how we relate to each other and our concept of ownership and equity. By working with living organisms, a new design practice is being built that could lead to new ways of making and unleash new modes of creativity. It will give us the ability to create a system for a more environmentally sustainable tomorrow.

Text by Bea Bruecker RCA FASHION MA 2021 alumni network.

Image Credit: Beth Williams