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Architecture (MA)

ADS9: ℵ0


ADS9 investigates the architecture of openness. The studio imagines a boundless architecture, where there is no separation and distinction between walls and space, building and site, bodies and environment, earth and sky. An architecture of openness that exists as a single continuum of everything, everyone and everywhere.

ADS9 envisions an architecture of openness that can empower our emerging forms of living. The studio questions our fundamental dependence on walls to construct spaces. This reliance leads to insular rooms, each dedicated to a single function. In the absence of conventional walls, doors, windows, ground and roof, it is an architecture that cannot be broken into discrete points but instead, has to be experienced all at once. It is an architecture that does not seek for clarity but instead, search for richness of meanings, ambiguity and generosity. What is the architectonic and spatial language for an architecture of openness? How do you work in an open way to construct a project? How do we entwine open relationships between forms of living and space? What are the relevance and shortcomings of an architecture of openness now?

In 2022/23, ADS9’s investigation in the architecture of openness will focus on context, and the search for an architectonic language of openness that can forge a seamless continuum with it. Architecture does not end where context begins. The project of Architecture as Context is a form of openness where one is indistinguishable from the other.

Teaching Team

John Ng

Zsuzsa Péter

James Kwang Ho Chung


Image: Zibo Zhang - Folgelandschaft / Ground Condition Plan in 2123