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Architecture (MA)

ADS7: Convivial-ism


Working at the intersection of spatial and psychological dynamics, ADS7 operates as a platform to redesign contemporary architectural devices for a particular type of publicness: conviviality. We believe in the importance of a renewed, shared awareness of our human physicality. This year, students worked on creating gentle forms of resistance. They participated and critically engaged with different communities sharing knowledge and applying that into their design strategies.

We understand conviviality as a collective need based on mutual care and deep seated habits. We believe conviviality should not only be embedded in the everyday, but also provides an exceptional architectural tool to negotiate and build novel inclusive frameworks. Creating projects in which different voices are opening to sharing active knowledge and pursuing exuberant wishes through fun, joy and spontaneous, yet designed, exchanges.

Lemonot (Sabrina Morreale + Lorenzo Perri)


Image: ‘Changing Rooms’, by Grant Donaldson, ADS7 2023, Exploring behavioural control within privately owned public space.