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Architecture (MA)

ADS12: Limits


Last year, the projects of ADS12 enacted promises of strategic omissions, willful refraining and absences. Instead of perpetuating how architecture normally conflates acts of removal or reduction via aesthetic methods, we explored the potential of good in loss, development without growth, or whether deprivation can produce new vantages. This year, we have dealt with limit experiences as the means to discover the boundaries of our senses as a species. “Limits” impel something from a known ordinary state to an unknown extraordinary one, with the view to unearth novel relational patterns between each other and nature. By producing in extremis spatial and ambient scenarios, we will ask: can we open suspicions towards our existing behaviours and architectures?

In 2022/23, “Limits” has been hosted again within High Holdings ( — an environment for the generation of architectural discourse addressing the unfolding depictions of the world that may appear unrecognisable, but are truly products of terrestrial occupation. By prioritising the sovereignty of the architectural idea, High Holdings continues to explore the growing distance between information and (over-)looking; complexity and (mis-)understanding; contribution and (non-)participation.

Thanks to Jeppe Ugelvig, Rose Higham-Staiton and Sara Wu.

Convened by Valle Medina and Benjamin Reynolds.


Image: The limits of intimacy. From “#nyc,” (MACK, 2020). Courtesy Jeff Mermelstein and MACK