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[VIS COMM] Wearing Architecture

Sunday 16 July 14:00 (GMT +0)

Visual CommunicationSchool of CommunicationVisual Communication (MA)

Explore the relationship between architecture and textiles through block printing!

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The juxtaposition of a South Indian Temple with the signature terraced housing of London, on the High Street of East Ham.
The muted Gopuram in yellows, reds and greys, echoing colours of its neighbouring structures instead of the usual vibrant blues, pinks and greens.

Visiting East Ham for the first time felt like being in a transitory space, moving between geography and cultures, between deeply familiar and completely foreign territories. This incoherence between what I saw on site- East Ham and what I remembered from my lived experiences, piqued my interest and led me to study the architectural details of the site. The visual collection of architectural details like the ornaments and brick works, opened doors to playing and creating new, hybrid forms - a visual amalgamation of culture, heritage and memories.

Motifs and patterns are often shared between architecture and textiles, one draws from the other and together they create a unified narrative, a sense of space, a sense of belonging for people inhabiting the space. In this workshop, I invite you to engage with my research project and research methodology of thinking through making and play! Here, I invite you to dip into my visual research, have a play with the different motifs and patterns from the selection of blocks. Pick what speaks to you and print!
All materials will be provided for and you get to take home your printed piece!
This is a live event which will take place in Truman Brewery and will be recorded in the form of photographs and visual notes.
Seats available: 10-15

Presenter & Guests: Anupama Iyer