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[VIS COMM] The TaskRabbit Is Absent

Friday 14 July 13:30 (GMT +0)

Visual CommunicationSchool of CommunicationVisual Communication (MA)

The live performance of exploring the aesthetics of art labour through the act of opening objects.

Saturday 15 July 13:30 (GMT +0)

Sunday 16 July 13:30 (GMT +0)

The TaskRabbit is absent when I reject obligations to complete products with predetermined purposes and functions. This performance delves into the aesthetics of art labour in contrast to costs, time and efficiency in modularised manufacture systems, while simultaneously producing an ‘open object.’

1.Defy all assembly instructions.
2.Deviate from the static and finished configurations.
3.Embrace unpredictable conjunctions that every component can encounter.
4.Some elements can be hijacked or stolen.

The object is permanently mutable and open.
The object is always in progress without the TaskRabbit.

Presenter & Guests: Hae Won Jeon