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[VIS COMM] Seed Sowing with the Meanwhile Garden

Thursday 13 July 11:30 (GMT +0)

Visual CommunicationSchool of CommunicationVisual Communication (MA)

Sow seed, share care and let it grow in the Meanwhile Garden!

Friday 14 July 11:30 (GMT +0)

Saturday 15 July 11:30 (GMT +0)

Sunday 16 July 11:30 (GMT +0)

The Meanwhile Garden is a recovery garden to help people from the trauma of the lockdown located in central London. Lucy’s project ‘In Search of Meanwhile Garden’ aims to preserve memories and happenings here, since the council has put forward plans to knock down the garden after October this year.

In this 15-minute workshop, I would like to invite you to sow some seeds! Growing and gardening is the happiest thing in the world and I’d love to share this happiness with you. The seeds you sowed will be transported back to the greenhouse in the Meanwhile Garden after the show ends! Hopefully, some seeds will sprout. The seeds you sown will be the physical evidence of you sharing your care to the Meanwhile Garden.

Presenter & Guests: Jiachun Hu