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[VIS COMM] Persephone’s Cup: Gameplay Tour

Live gameplay tour with commentary on key features & tips and tricks for progressing in the game.

Saturday 15 July 11:30 (GMT +0)

Thursday 13 July 12:30 (GMT +0)

Friday 14 July 12:30 (GMT +0)

Sunday 16 July 12:30 (GMT +0)

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A long-standing preoccupation with ancient mythology, combined with a love of 90s video games, cartoons and anthropomorphic pigs has brought Persephone’s Cup squealing into existence. Part nightmare, part daydream, Persephone’s Cup presents the feminine urge to conquer the perils of patriarchy. Join the creator as she discusses the central themes of the gameplay and narrative, taking the audience on a guided tour through the various levels of the game.
Persephone’s Cup is a videogame that riffs on the myth of Persephone’s capture by Hades and descent into the underworld, leading the player up the garden path through hell and back.
Persephone is a pig with a penchant for getting into trouble. Though she loves the garden idyll with Pipkyn she craves a room of her own to express what’s in her soul. Feeling an emptiness inside, she scratches an itch and follows the trail of pips right to the underworld. Little does she know it’s a trap set by Hades (aka Nefarious P.I.G) in order to ensnare her and make her his bride.
The player follows Persephone on her journey through darkness and light, progressing in the game by collecting pearls of wisdom. Ultimately Persephone must escape false destiny and carve out a (mush)room of her own.
Both a heroine’s journey from angst to ascension and a commentary on male-dominated gamer culture, Persephone’s Cup riotously rides the hot pink tide to a new shore; where pigs can fly.
This will be an informal event with room for questions & discussion between participants. Xanthe wants to hear about your relationship to gaming and if you dig the pig.

The session will also be livestreamed for whoever tunes in on twitch.