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[VIS COMM] Anibbles

Thursday 13 July 14:00 (GMT +0)

Visual CommunicationSchool of CommunicationVisual Communication (MA)

The wrestling champion Rhubario AKA Rhubarcode presents Anibbles, i.e. when animals meet food.

Friday 14 July 14:00 (GMT +0)

Saturday 15 July 14:00 (GMT +0)

Sunday 16 July 14:00 (GMT +0)

Find me in the rhubarb patch
Fight me in this wrestling match.

They call me Rhubarcode.
I use storytelling as a framework for pulling apart language while putting together images to
match. I love using this as a chance to engage in wordplay. Recently, I have been making
portmanteaus, fusing the words we have assigned to things to collapse their inherit meaning,
paving way for new meanings. This is so that something familiar, something we might
experience passively, then, when combined into something else, becomes suddenly an active
cognitive process. This process of reconsideration via linguistics is what I call a re-cognition
of sorts.
So what should you do with this information?
I want you to
Define defiance
Now defy that definition
And again
Apply it to your mind
So that you might re-cognise yourself.
Following this method, I defined/defied myself as the wrestling champion... Rhubario!
Rhubario will now take on the world!
What’s holding her back?
Only the laws of physics!

I work under the alter-ego Rhubarcode by reason of 'why not', which has further altered into the gimmick (i.e. the alter-ego used in Pro-Wrestling) Rhubario. Rhubario’s purpose is to announce Anibbles using the ultimate strength of voice and body. Rhubario also flexes the mind, using Anibbles to dismantle logic via linguistics.
With each Anibble that appears on the screen, she will declare each of their names live to the audience, as her power grows stronger!
Rhubario wrestles with concepts informed by: parafiction and postmodern literature, which was delivered to her via by Mr Sparkle from the popular American anime series, The Simpsons along with the spirit of Oscar Wilde.
All ideas become gimmicks, which Rhubario has fully embodied. As the self-proclaimed champion of gimmicks and protector of Anibbles, Rhubario urges you to, 'Re-cognise yourself in Anibbles!'

Presenter & Guests: Claire Breach