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[VIS COMM] Etchings On Flesh

Thursday 13 July 11:00 (GMT +0)

Visual CommunicationSchool of CommunicationVisual Communication (MA)

Spoken word / performance

Friday 14 July 11:00 (GMT +0)

Saturday 15 July 11:00 (GMT +0)

Sunday 16 July 11:00 (GMT +0)

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Etchings On Flesh is a bottomless breath.
It is words, a restrained sea of them being let open, hurled outward and onward.
It is about taking a minute to consider how the act of anonymising and dismissing the fat experience has a crushing effect on a person’s perception of self.

The project also is an acknowledgement of the torment we go through, behind closed doors, away from the world, often in front of a mirror. The mirrors around us have been witness to more body dysmorphia than any therapist in the world.

Empathy is the foundation of Neha’s creative practice. She believes words come with responsibility, and that kindness and authentic inclusion, which comes not as a trend but as an inherent value system, is non-negotiable.

Presenter & Guests: Neha Mishra