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Un/tied: Cult Trans & Kinships

Saturday 1 July 13:00 (GMT +0)  LIVE from RCA

TogethernessSchool of Arts & HumanitiesCurating Contemporary Art (MA) Battersea campus: Dyson & Woo Buildings
Estimated Duration: 1 hour
Location: Gorvy Lecture Theatre, Dyson Building, Battersea Campus, Royal College of Art, SW11 4AY

Un/tied: Cult Trans & Kinships presents a performance that focuses on kinship within the trans community. Featuring artist Donna Marcus Duke with collaborators Biogal, Amani and Jetsün Shenkyong-ma, the event incorporates elements of lecturing and cabaret. Radical, political, and spiritual expressions of trans kinship are explored through a series of readings and performances. The event aims to nurture a sense of community while simultaneously challenging established norms and navigating societal challenges and prejudices.

Presenter & Guests: Donna Marcus Duke, Biogal, Amani, Jetsün Shenkyong-ma
Featured in Theme: Togetherness