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[TEXTILES] Cloth Collective

InteractivenessTextilesSchool of DesignTextiles (MA)Kensington campus: Darwin Building

Making art that invites others into the web of reciprocity

Estimated Duration: From 12:00 daily, Friday to Monday
Location: Textiles Studio, 7th Floor, Darwin Building, Kensington Campus

12:00 to 18:00 daily, Friday 30th June to Monday 3rd July

Saturday 1 July 11:00 (GMT +0)

Sunday 2 July 11:00 (GMT +0)

Monday 3 July 11:00 (GMT +0)

Join Joanne in the textile studios where she will provide a space for people to slow down and express their creativity through weaving and stitching as we create a collaborative cloth.

Simply drop by and give a short amount of your time as you interlace yarns and stories, as we come together to converse, make and heal.

Joanne’s art-making practice explores ourselves in relation to each other and the earth, creating humble prompts for reconsidering sustainability and equity in our relationship with the natural world.

Joanne’s intention is that her work will point the way to a fairer and greener world, whilst providing a harmonious sense of place for rest and contemplation to take place.

(No booking required)

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