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Pidgin: Towards Multilingualism

Wednesday 21 June 13:00 (GMT +0)  LIVE from RCA

InteractivenessCurating & cultureContemporary artSchool of Arts & HumanitiesCurating Contemporary Art (MA) Kensington campus: Darwin Building
Estimated Duration: 2 hours
Location: RCA, Kensington Gore, STE 003

How can we think and speak about art in a pidgin language beyond English? In this two-hour session speakers of various languages are convened to contribute to a multilingual lexicon for creative arts. Led by RCA alumna Yu-Ting Chung, participants collectively produce a series of poster-zines featuring ‘calligraphy battles’ as well as DIY collages.

Presenter & Guests: Yu-Ting Chung
Featured in Theme: Interactiveness