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Parade of Pause

Friday 30 June 11:00 (GMT +0)  LIVE from RCA

TimelessnessCurating & cultureContemporary artSchool of Arts & HumanitiesCurating Contemporary Art (MA) Battersea campus: Dyson & Woo Buildings
Estimated Duration: 1 hour
Location: Gorvy Lecture Theatre, Dyson Building, Battersea Campus, Royal College of Art, SW11 4AY

Why Parade? The word’s origins are rooted in the Latin parare, meaning to prepare, parry to stop or halt - conjuring up the idea of slowing down, specifically within the incessant speed engulfing London as a city. Through intertwining field recordings and live improvisations with objects, Stepankova will create a soundscape setting a rhythm for a shared parading of slowness, where participants will be invited to partake in a moment of pause.

Lucie Stepankova (aka Avsluta) is a sound artist and performer, curator, educator and DJ living and working in London. Inquiry about our being in, experiencing and interacting with the world through the lens of deep ecology and new materialism are at the core of her compositional and performative output. Lucie co-creates with objects and natural materials, field recordings, electronics, and digital processing to embody speculative narratives via sound-making, with the aim to encourage audiences to engage in listening as an active-creative practice to forge a sense of environmental responsibility.

Presenter & Guests: Lucie Stepankova
Featured in Theme: Timelessness