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[TEXTILES] Material Empathy: Making Cordage & Yarn from Nature

Sunday 16 July 11:30 (GMT +0)

ThinginessTextilesSchool of DesignTextiles (MA)
Estimated Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Location: T2, Truman Brewery
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This workshop explores a holistic and sensitive approach towards working with foraged materials. Collected over the last months of Charlotte’s MA, she has built a material library consisting of harvested flax, roots, bark, nettle, stems, and leaves of a variety of plants. In the workshop she will introduce techniques of twisting, plying, braiding and spinning the materials to create yarns and cordages.

Allowing oneself to connect with the rawness and substance in one’s hands. Focusing on the imperfections that can be celebrated in this matter, creating a space for a dialogue between; what the material once was and how it can be preserved, transformed, or re-designed. These compositions tell the materials stories embodied through process and senses.

The materials are supplied, No booking or prior knowledge required.

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