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[FASHION] Women, Work & Weave with Uroos Jamal, Rosa Avliez and Emily Tonge

Sunday 16 July 12:30 (GMT +0)

TimelessnessFashionSchool of DesignFashion (MA)
Estimated Duration: 45 minutes
Location: Truman Brewery
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A past of industrial production, a present of cooperative change and a future of alternative processes. Three practitioners bring to the table conversations on developments of the languages surrounding one of humanities earliest technologies. What do these algorithmic practices reveal about our attitudes towards environments entrenched in patriarchal constructs of normality? Together we untangle the threads of systems that have veiled our perceptions of reality.

Image credit: Collage by Emily Tonge. Utilising imagery from Uroos Jamal, Rosa Avliez and Emily Tonge.

Featured in Theme: Timelessness