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[FASHION] For Girls

Friday 30 June 16:00 (GMT +0)  LIVE from RCA

TogethernessFashionSchool of DesignFashion (MA)Battersea South Studio Building
Estimated Duration: 1 hour
Location: The Hangar Space, Studio Building, Battersea Campus
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A dance performance by Xin Lou & YiJun Deng from China, two professional dancers dressed by XiaoHui Wu (Siu), where their movements reveal the meaning: that although we are broken, although we are imperfect, and you live in pain, I still believe that there will be a moment of peace in life that can make you feel hope. Please survive, girls!

Image & poem credit: XiaoHui Wu (Siu)

Presenter & Guests: Xin Lou, YiJun Deng
Featured in Theme: Togetherness