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[TEXTILES] Borderlands: Augmented Nature

Saturday 15 July 12:00 (GMT +0)

InteractivenessTextilesSchool of DesignTextiles (MA)
Estimated Duration: 1 hour
Location: T2, Truman Brewery
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This is an immersive mixed reality performance that integrates the human body, physical materials, and digital media for real-time interaction.
Through the parametric generative system and the fibre 3D printing processes, we have created an intelligent wearable device - the Interactive Glove.

This glove can be connected to a VR headset, synchronised in Unreal Engine (UE), and trigger audio-visual interactions in the virtual space. The actors can use their body movements as triggers, presenting a performance that combines multiple media. The audience can also put on the Interactive Glove and VR headset to actively participate in this immersive interactive experience, personally experiencing the interaction and connection between the human body, materials, and digital media.
Through this performance, we aim to showcase how digital technology can provide materials with more dimensions of value, as well as the potential of digital innovation in the field of artistic performance. It also prompts exploration and contemplation on the fusion of human and technology

Featured in Theme: Interactiveness